Brigitte Linares

We asked Brigitte a few questions.

How are you practicing self-care right now?⁠

I am practicing self care with going for daily walks with my little girl and being able to work at home still is a good outlet for me also. And doing extra excercise sessions at home when I can usually once or twice a week. Listening to music is also a big self care for me during these times when we can’t really leave our homes.

 What are you doing to stay motivated to keep moving?⁠

Going for daily walks with my little girl . Doing exercise sessions at home once or twice a week. Trying to keep up motivation when it’s the hardest it has been in a while.

How are you staying connected during Iso?⁠

Staying connected is super hard at the moment. But very lucky to have the technology we have in today’s times. I am face timing a lot with my family and letting community know that I’m here if they need anything and I am able to help