Our Why

Clothing The Gaps creates merch with a message that sparks conversations. We make clothes that influence social change by uniting people (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) through fashion and a cause. 

We are committed to using our brand and platform to campaign, educate and elevate Aboriginal peoples' voices and causes. 

As a certified Aboriginal businesssocial enterprise, and B-Corp, we use business as a vehicle to create social change.

Our Values

At the heart of Clothing The Gaps lie the values of elevating, educating, advocating and motivating people for positive social change.

We put these values in to action by creating platforms and spaces to: 

Elevate, represent and promote Aboriginal voices and excellence to further enable Aboriginal people to celebrate their identity and visibility in the world.

Educate and start conversations with the wider Australian population about causes or issues affecting Aboriginal Australia. To promote reconciliation and welcome non-Indigenous people to learn about, celebrate and support Aboriginal Australia. 

Motivate people to take action and use their own voice for social change.

Advocate and campaign for social change on issues impacting on Aboriginal people and their Communities.