Spirit Of The March

We march in honour of our ancestors, whose blood has coloured this land,

their stories of struggle and sacrifice, we carry protectively in our hands.


We march for those forced into slavery and shackled in British chains,

one of this country’s darkest secrets, embedded in lies, guilt and shame.


We march to protect our sacred sites, ancient life etched into the sands,

the spirits of our ancestors and keepers of culture, being destroyed by

government and corporate hands.


We march for those too old to walk, but who have given their lives to


we carry their spirit and acknowledge their strength they are the reason we

stand in unity.


We march for our silent heroes, who have never received awards,

we may not know their names, but our feet honour them in applause.


We march for forgotten ANZACS, who fought in foreign lands,

for a government who never acknowledged their sacrifice, and where no one

shook their hands.


We march for those who were stolen, snatched from their mothers’ breast,

taken from country, where they once belonged for a life of eternal unrest.


We march for those who have died in custody, the lack of justice and the pain,

we won’t forget your families suffering, we will always remember your names.


We march for those who have taken their lives, and whose spirits have been


too sad and broken to continue this life, with no will to prevail.


We march for our brothers and sisters, who come from far away soils,

we stand with them in peace and solidarity, to end brutality and racist turmoil.


We march with them to support their fight, and to celebrate their revival,

we see the injustice and raise our voices in the name of truth, freedom and



Written by Joanne Dwyer (Gunditjmara) 2020