Not A Date To Celebrate

We know that January 26 is not a date to celebrate.

It is a day of survival for First Nations people, and for many, a placeholder that highlights the ongoing colonial violence that continues to manifest throughout this country. The debate that arises around Jan 26 underlines ignorance and the lack of awareness and empathy present in Australia. For a closer look at this click here for ‘8 things you need to know about Jan 26’.

In some settler space, what we often see on this day are die-hard patriots bellowing their ‘Aussie pride’ and many who choose to ignore the uncomfortable truths of the public holiday, using the day as an opportunity to picnic in the park. Sometimes this is paired with remiss and an attempted display of innocence that “we aren’t actually celebrating Australia Day, we are just catching up.” But in a country that continues to systemically oppress First Nations people, complacency is dangerous.

Everyone has a role to play and a choice to be better, and neutrality is complacency. 

Not A Date To Celebrate Tee - Black No Pride In Genocide Tee Not A Date To Celebrate Tee - Grey Not A Date To Celebrate Crop Tee Not A Date To Celebrate Tote Bag


Not A Date To Celebrate

Originally designed for January 26, this tee also applies to many other colonial dates throughout our calendar and moments in time when Truth-telling is not being centred. This tee recognises Australia’s violent past and all dates that First Nations people consider a day of mourning. This is a solidarity statement paying respects to the resistance and survival of First Nations people and highlights truth telling.

Not A Date To Celebrate Collection Resistance Collection

Where are you at?

Change The Date’, ‘Abolish The Date’, ‘Boycott The Date’, ‘Redefine The Date’ and ‘Business As Usual’ are some
of the conversations we’re hearing in Community in response to the Jan 26 ‘Australia Day’ public holiday.

It’s important to note that these are not independent of each other, they’re often connected and overlapping.

We have tried to capture some of the different mindsets and approaches people have to this date. This is always evolving and changing.

If you would like to contribute your thoughts and ideas, please send us a DM. We’d love to hear from you.

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Taneshia Atkinson (2021)

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Rather than being complacent and avoiding responsibility disguised as neutrality, let’s collectively channel our energy the right way to make small differences. We asked our audience, mob and allies alike, what you will be doing this January 26 instead of celebrating genocide. 

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Surviving Invasion Day

Caroline Kell, Mbarbrum woman and qualified Counsellor and Founder of Blak Wattle Coaching and Consulting to share some non-exhaustive suggestions to support Mob in the lead up to and on Invasion Day (Jan 26).

These are some tips for Mob but a good read for allies.