Thorpe Vs The Commonwealth
Since the 1990’s Uncle Robbie Thorpe has been taking legal action against the Commonwealth of Australia for acts of Genocide against Aboriginal people (See Thorpe v The Commonwealth from 1997). This most recent case is against King Charles III for...
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This Reconciliation Week is different

It has been seven months since the horrendous, painful and racist Voice Referendum on 14th October 2023 and Blakfullas have arrived wounded, but not defeated, at the first Reconciliation week since.

Written by Sissy Austin (Gunditjmara, Keeray Wurrung and Djab Wurrung)

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We pay our respects to this talented Erub, Mer & K'ua K'ua artist and activist. Thanks to Destiny - the word 'Blak' is now widely used instead of 'Black' and is embraced by many First Nations people across the continent as a signifier for identity.

Deacon remembered hearing hurtful things like "You little black c...s" while growing up, and she decided, "I just wanted to take the 'C' out of 'black.'"So she did!

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