Read the Comments: Top Tips for keeping social media safe for Mob

We caught up with Felicity Cull, the Head of Digital Content at the strategic communications agency Pesel & Carr to get some advice because we had experienced an massive increase of bots and racism on CTG social media in the lead up to the Referendum. It had gotten so bad, that we felt like we were losing control our own pages!

Felicity's tips helped us so much we just had to share them with you all - because at the end of the day Blak people should be able to read the comments! By taking action we can work together to create safer online spaces Mob.

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What happened when I went door knocking for 'Yes'

I left my ‘bubble’ to talk to people about the voice – it was better than I could have imagined. By Laura Thompson (Gunditjmara)

I thought doorknocking would mean butting heads with people who shared different values. But people approached the topic with curiosity and respect.

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The AFL silence the Voice.
A missed opportunity for the AFL but will we see solidarity from clubs and players to #WriteYes? The role of sport in social change has been on our minds the past few days. In May this year, the AFL was...
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