Honouring Country


Introducing our new ‘Honouring Country’ collection which includes both ‘Ally Friendly’ and ‘Mob Only’ pieces. 

Our designs are influenced and inspired by the important conversations happening in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities. These include yarns about sovereignty, respecting Country, meaningfully acknowledging Traditional Custodians and the diversity of Aboriginal Communities.

Impactful statements such as ‘Tread Lightly’, ‘Honouring Country’ and ‘Sovereign Land’  feature alongside a map of outlining the Aboriginal language groups and other symbols.


    Honouring Country

    Sovereign HoodieSovereign TeePRE-SALE: Sovereign Scarf

    mob only

    Sovereign Colection

    The ‘Mob Only’ pieces are centred around the word ‘Sovereign’, recognising the ongoing ancestral ties between the land and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Sovereignty fundamentally challenges Terra Nullius, as sovereignty was never ceded on this land.

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