Training Programs

In the lead up to RunRona we have training plans, equipment free workouts and a Strava Run Club to support your training and preparation!

Training Plans

We're excited to support your RunRona preparation with training plans provided by Aligned Leisure!
Follow the links below to access your Four Week Training Plan:
5km walk
10km Walk
5km Run
10km Run 
Half Marathon
Full Marathon - We trust that if you're ready to run a Marathon at short notice that you have got your own training sorted. 


Join Strava ( It's free to get an account. Here's what to do what you're on there:

Equipment Free Workouts

Incorporate Wellah Workouts in to your training. Did you know that cross-training to build overall body strength is great for your preparation? See all of the equipment free, at home Wellah Workouts by clicking here.