director of operations | Co-Founder

Sarah Sheridan


Getting in early before the team to make sure everything is sorted and ready to roll for the distribution crew for the day. Keeping things ticking in the background, from HR, to compliance, to contract management. Over seeing project management of our impact work, warehousing, distribution, and customer care.

Problem solving to make things happen and quite often Laura’s IT guru.


Lots! But here's a few...

- Completing my double Degree in Health Science (Public Health) and International Development at La Trobe University. 

- Running four marathons (yup a marathon is 42.2km) after never thinking I'd be able to run 1km!

- Being a qualified personal trainer and motivating other people to get and stay active every day.

- Having my truck license...and all the other incredibly handy skills growing up on a farm has given me. Pass me the tool box any day!

My Fave 3 pieces...

Free The Flag Tee

I want to wear my values on my tee and spark important conversations. The Free the Flag Campaign has taken Australia on an important journey.

Spark conversations.

Survival Day Tee

This tee says it all! I am passionate about seeing more non-Indigenous Australian's acknowledging and proudly celebrating the incredible Aboriginal Culture and History of this Country and that includes getting uncomfrtable to learn and hear the truth. The 26th of Jan is not a date to celebrate.

Rep your values.

Always Was Sweat Towel

I love everything about this sweat towel! I use it everyday to train and take it away with me when I travel (hello hand luggage savior!). Reading the language groups is the best distraction during a tough workout!

Sweat with purpose.

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