Welcome to 'Mob Run This'!

Are you an Aboriginal Organisation or Community Group looking to get your mob involved with our Connect to Country event? Then look no further, we are here to get you on board with everything you need to run a great event for your Community!

We are passionate about creating lasting impacts in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities across the country. To do this, we've created an exclusive package for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities called 'Mob Run This' with all the resources and tools you need to guide you in delivering your very own Connect to Country event for mob in your Community.

'Mob Run This' is a double meaning talking to not only the physical definition of getting mob active and 'running', but also the importance of having Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people be the drivers in their own Communities to deliver and create opportunities for their mob and therefore defining the need for mob to 'run this'.

Local is legendary.You know your Community best and we're excited to pass on to you a suite of customisable flyers and social media images and more!

Over the past two virtual events (RunRona and NAIDOC), we've seen some legends take the structure of the event and shape it to what they needed in their Community at that time. We were so inspired by this that we wanted to create something that  did all the heavy lifting around marketing and comms and enabled those working in Co-op's to do what they do best - engaging Community.

Mob Run This - local is legendary

Goolum Goolum

What's in the kit?

Signing up to the 'Mob Run This' virtual tool box will give your Org or Group exclusive access to:

- Registrations for your mob at $15.00 per person

- Event planning advice, tips and resources

- Social media advice, tips and resources

- Registration templates

- Customisable flyers

- Customisable social media templates

- Training plans for all levels

- Regular guidance and support by team at Clothing The Gap.

Ready to get involved or keen to hear more?

Use the below form to register your mob's interest and we'll be back in touch with next steps including the link to the Mob Run This kit.

If you're keen to learn more about what is in the kit, we'd love to hear from you. You can reach us by email at impact@clothingthegap.com.au.