marlee silva

We asked Marlee some questions

What are you doing to stay motivated and stay moving?⁠

Exercise = endorphins! Knowing I’ll feel better after definitely helps with motivation! Living with people who hold you accountable helps as well! (In another circumstance I’d probably enlist one of my friends to be the motivation coach in our group message 🏃🏽‍♀️).

How are you staying connected? ⁠
⁠So many mob from different walks of life/orgs/movements have been incredibly creative with online challenges and events and I’ve been saying yes to all of them! This helps me feel like I’m still connected to community and gives me heaps more opportunities to yarn with others online - the #RonaRun is something I’m particularly excited for! I’ve never done a running event and I’m so glad to be pushed by this group to challenge myself!⁠