Free The Flag logo and posters

Free The Flag logo replaces Aboriginal Flag until it's free!

Walkabout Barber Enterprises merchandise supplier, Team Spirit Sports was served with a Cease and Desist from WAM Clothing for breaching the exclusive licensee agreement between WAM Clothing & Mr Harold Thomas for the use of the Aboriginal flag on their United Tribes Autism Awareness jersey for the 2019 NSW Aboriginal Knockout. 

The United Tribes Autism Awareness team was created to promote the early detection of Autism in youth across the country, and to give parents and families the ability to feel proud and to be heard in a world where children with disabilities are often silenced. 

Walkabout Barber Enterprises was the first Aboriginal business to replace the Aboriginal flag with the Free The Flag logo. Since then, we have made the Free The Flag logo publicly available for download and other Indigenous sports teams, organisations and community groups have jumped on board and are supporting the Free The Flag movement. 

    Photo: United Tribes Autism Awareness team uniform

    Photo: NPM Indigenous uses the logo for business branding on uniforms and vehicles.

    We give permission to the local and wider community to use the Free The Flag logo digital file.


    The aims of the use of the Free the Flag logo are:

    1. To further the movement to Free the Flag and raise awareness;
    2. To enable Community to show their cultural identity and support until the Aboriginal Flag is free and
    3. To enable people to show support and allegiance to Free The Flag movement.

    How to use the Free The Flag logo:

    Option 1: Free The Flag logo for merchandise/print on a lighter background.

    Option 2: Free The Flag logo for merchandise/print on a darker background.

    Free The Flag

    Digital files to download:

    Free The Flag logo PDF files

    Free The Flag logo ai. files 


    Print, share and pin up our Free The Flag posters in the office and everywhere  - help us spark this important  conversation about the Aboriginal Flag copyright.

    Click on the poster below to download and print.

       Free The Flag Logo

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