My health, on my Country, in my hands.

James Anthony- Boandik/ Meintangk man

is important to me to continue learning about the land on which I live and work. It is important to me that this history is told and that we learn to respect their rights, wants, needs, plans for their land, and how to come together as Australians and be excited and enriched by First Nations people and culture.#clothingthegap


This is my third Clothing The Gap Virtual Event this year...

A great excuse to disconnect from life for a morning and connect with nature & Country being somewhere different, taking an opportunity to learn about the Traditional Owners and the history here that spans back much further than the gold rush! Thank you for having me on your Country.


A distance that I would never have even thought of running until lockdown 2.0 ❤️ ... My dad doesn’t have insta, but he cycled 11km of the run with me and saved me from having to run the whole thing alone #connecttocountry #clothingthegap