Our oceans are rising, so are we! Our Islands, Our Homes!

Our oceans are rising, so are we! Our Islands, Our Homes!

We are proud to support the #TorresStrait8 as they take their case against against the Australian Government to the United Nations for their inaction on climate change. 

As part of the ‘Our Islands Our Home’ campaign, eight claimants from Zenadth Kes (the Torres Strait) also known as the Torres Strait 8 have brought a human rights complaint against the Australian Federal Government for failing to protect the Torres Strait from climate change.

As part of our support for the Campaign, we have created a brand new conversation starter. 100% of profits from the Our Islands Our Home x Clothing The Gaps limited edition tank support the work of the Our Islands Our Home campaign.

To launch the Campaign tank, we spent time with the team from Our Islands Our Home, learning more about the fight, capturing some powerful images and visiting our Federal Member for Wills, MP Peter Khalil.

When you wear this tank, you are supporting the #TorresStrait8’s fight for climate justice. You are supporting a call to action that Australia must rapidly reduce its carbon emissions, and immediately resources adaptation needs.

The tank features a tag with the Our Island Our Homes logo and a statement saying that ‘100% of profits from this tank support Our Islands Our Home and the #TorresStrait8 and their fight for climate justice’ and a small Clothing The Gaps logo woven patch on the back neck of tee.

The tank has three embroidered love hearts in blue, green and black (the colours of the Torres Strait Islander flag) representing the seas, the land and the people.

Our Island Our Home  X Clothing The Gaps tank

A white Dhari with a five-pointed white star sits above the three love hearts. This Dhari and star (traditional headdress), is a key feature of the Torres Strait Islander flag which was designed by the late Bernard Namok of Thursday Island and is a symbol of Torres Strait Islanders and is used in cultural ceremony and dance.

‘The white five-pointed star symbolises peace, and the navigational importance of stars to the seafaring people of the Torres Strait.

The five-pointed star also represents the five distinct language and cultural groups of the region. The five island groups are:
• Northern islands (Boigu, Dauan, Saibai)
• Eastern islands (Erub, Mer, Ugar)
• Western islands (St Pauls, Kubin, Badu, Mabuiag)
• Central islands (Masig, Poruma, Warraber, Iama)
• Southern islands (Kirriri (Hammond Island), Waiben (Thursday Island) and Inner Islands, Northern Peninsula Area and Mainland Australia.’

Source: Torres Strait Islander Regional Authority (TSRA)

 6 things you can do to support the Campaign

1. Follow Our Islands Our Home on Instagram and share a post to keep the conversation going.

2. Sign the petition calling on Scott Morrison to do everything it can to support the people of the Torres Strait with the resources they need to protect their island homes from climate change, and to mobilise Australia to pass laws to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with its commitments to a 1.5 degree target under the Paris Agreement.

3. Email your MP the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Sixth Assessment Report which highlights that climate damage is already occurring in the Torres Strait, and these impacts are predicted to intensify.

4. Meet your local MP and urge them to take immediate action to protect the Torres Strait from the impacts of climate change (resources to meet and prepare for your visit are here). With the election fast approaching, now is the time to ask your MP where they stand.

Peter Kahil Our Island Our Homes

Image (L-R): Kee'ahn, Shylicia McKiernan, Peter Kahlil, Tish King and Maxi Morris meeting their local MP to discuss the IPCC joint statement and the demands they have on government. 

Our Island Our Home Government Demands

5. Show solidarity with the #TorresStrait8 by making a donation and chipping in to power the Our Islands Our Home campaign.

6. Buy an Island LuvTank and start a conservation about the devastating impacts of climate change. 

Our Island Our Home Tank

Learn more: Read the blog Our Islands Our Home: Protecting Zenadth Kes By Kabay Tamu learn more about the Campaign and why this is an important conversation to be having. 

Check out this article by Taneshia Atkinson at Fashion Journal 'Coverage of the climate crisis is overlooking First Nations’ stories, but this initiative is seeking to change that'

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