taneshia atkinson

We asked Taneshia a few questions...

How are you practising self-care right now?⁠

By making sure I exercise every day (even if it’s just a walk), and by making time to practice gratitude and feel the sun on my skin and grass under my feet. I have also been trying to decolonise and connect to culture as much as I can by weaving and learning language. Decolonising is healing! I’m also reminding myself that it’s okay to go slow right now.⁠

 What are you doing to stay motivated to keep moving?⁠

I’m trying to inspire others and bring them along on the journey and that way it keeps me accountable. I can’t encourage mob to keep moving if I’m being slack myself! I also keep thinking about the satisfaction I get at the end of every run and it makes it all worth it. Every run reminds I’m much stronger than I think, and my goal is to get out for a run 4 times a week.⁠

How are you staying connected during Iso?⁠

Social Media yarns! But now is also a really good opportunity to learn to love your own company.⁠