head of brand and marketing | Narungga

Sianna Catullo


We are a small team, so it means we get to do a whole lot of everything. My day usually consists of managing the IG account and website, critiquing and working with Laura on designs. I also keep a close eye on what's happening in Communities and think of ways to show support and champion others. 


1. OG People Tee > It was our first ever t-shirt that we did. It reminds me of our first ever shoot in the office, featuring a group of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people who volunteered their time to represent an emerging brand.

2. Free The Flag Bucket > Even though I don’t wear this much because my head is too small, I love this hat because it was our first collab piece with another social enterprise. HoMie have been so supportive of our brand and campaigns since the very beginning. To me this bucket hat represents a meaningful partnership.

3. Rugby Jumper> I designed this limited piece and it's the first ever rugby jumper we dropped. It was nice to see and hear how much Community loved and praise  this Rugby received. It also meant a lot to me to name this Rugby after Robbie Thorpe, who is a staunch Community leader.

Things I'm proud of