Kirsten Hausia

How are you staying motivated to stay moving?⁠
Surprisingly self  care for me right now is getting out and active.  Usually I would sit back and binge watch junk TV  but to keep my mind & body at ease during these unsettling time, I have to get active. 
How are you practicing self-care? ⁠
I have signed up to run my very first 10km  which is going to be a challenge that I am up for.  I am new to this running thing and pretty slow but my motto is slow and steady.  I  run 4 times a week and as well as F45 via Zoom. To make sure I do not loose my motivation, I am lucky to have a group of ladies who I check in with daily all things fitness and  health. Great support and accountability buddies! @5amsisters
How are you staying connected?⁠
 Tons of video chats with family and my close friends. Text messaging and phone calls as well, I have a love hate relationship with technology now.  But I have connected with my friends and family so much more than usual.