courtney ugle

How are you staying motivated to stay moving?⁠
As an athlete it is so important to stay as active as we can during this time. Even though our routines look a little different, I know the negative impact in the long run that it could have on me if I don’t stay moving. RunRona has given me a goal to work towards while footy is on hold, it is a great way to stay accountable and driven. I am so excited for RunRona, I have never done a half a marathon ever before so this will be a great challenge and one that I am really looking forward to! ⁠

How are you staying connected right now?⁠
The best thing about RunRona is that anyone & everyone can participate no matter what level of fitness you’re at! Which is why it has allowed me to stay connected with not only mob, but footy girls from all over the country that play at all different levels, AFLW, VFLW & local football who have jumped on board and committed to RunRona. This event has also allowed me to meet, connect & yarn with other mob from all over, so I feel like I am able to stay connected to community & yarn all day online. ⁠

How are you practicing self-care during ISO?.⁠
I have allowed myself to “let go” of all the expectations & stress that I would normally have on myself (being a leader at a football, having to be the “perfect” athlete, leader, role model etc). I'm getting in tune with my body, feelings & emotions, expressing gratitude every day, eating healthy and staying active because it makes me feel good.