Aunty Pam

We asked Aunty Pam a few questions.

How are you practicing self-care right now?

During this Virus I am looking after myself and making sure I stay healthy and most importantly eating properly. 

What are you doing to stay motivated and keep moving?

From the 1st January I started exercising and now because of this Virus I am exercising six days a week.  My program consists of running, cross fit, weights, biking and stretching. I exercise 6 days a week, with 1 day off.

How are you staying connected to people and mob during isolation?

I am fortunate as I live in the Independent Units at Rumblara and so I see my people all the time.  Thank goodness for this as I would be feeling very miserable not seeing my mob.

I would just like to say to all our mob start walking/running and look after yourself, eat properly as it is so important especially if you are an Elder.

Look after one another too.  We are all strong Aboriginal people as this is how we were bought by our families, Elders who have passed and told us their stories of how they survived when at times they were in crisis.