We are so grateful to have such a strong, connected community be part of our Clothing the Gap family and now RunRona event.

Meet our deadly RunRona Ambassadors, motivating, inspiring and moving!

Aunty Pam Pederson


Pamela Pederson
Aunty Pam Pederson is a proud Yorta Yorta elder, age 76 and running marathons! Aunty Pam has inspired mob to keep moving and start running and we are so excited to have her be one of our ambassadors for #RunRona.
We asked Aunty Pam a few questions.

How are you practicing self-care right now?

During this Virus I am looking after myself and making sure I stay healthy and most importantly eating properly. 

What are you doing to stay motivated and keep moving?

From the 1st January I started exercising and now because of this Virus I am exercising six days a week.  My program consists of running, cross fit, weights, biking and stretching. I exercise 6 days a week, with 1 day off.


How are you staying connected to people and mob during isolation?

I am fortunate as I live in the Independent Units at Rumblara and so I see my people all the time.  Thank goodness for this as I would be feeling very miserable not seeing my mob.

I would just like to say to all our mob start walking/running and look after yourself, eat properly as it is so important especially if you are an Elder.

Look after one another too.  We are all strong Aboriginal people as this is how we were bought by our families, Elders who have passed and told us their stories of how they survived when at times they were in crisis.


Courtney Ugle

Courtney Ugle, RunRona, Clothing the Gap, Run Rona

Noongar woman @courtneyugle , who is absolutely smashing it with the registrations! Courtney moved from WA a couple years ago to pursue her football career and is now playing for Essedon's VFLW football team. 

Courtney is training for a RunRona half marathon.

We asked Courtney a few questions.⁠..

How are you staying motivated to stay moving?⁠
As an athlete it is so important to stay as active as we can during this time. Even though our routines look a little different, I know the negative impact in the long run that it could have on me if I don’t stay moving. RunRona has given me a goal to work towards while footy is on hold, it is a great way to stay accountable and driven. I am so excited for RunRona, I have never done a half a marathon ever before so this will be a great challenge and one that I am really looking forward to! ⁠

How are you staying connected right now?⁠
The best thing about RunRona is that anyone & everyone can participate no matter what level of fitness you’re at! Which is why it has allowed me to stay connected with not only mob, but footy girls from all over the country that play at all different levels, AFLW, VFLW & local football who have jumped on board and committed to RunRona. This event has also allowed me to meet, connect & yarn with other mob from all over, so I feel like I am able to stay connected to community & yarn all day online. ⁠

How are you practicing self-care during ISO?.⁠
I have allowed myself to “let go” of all the expectations & stress that I would normally have on myself (being a leader at a football, having to be the “perfect” athlete, leader, role model etc). I'm getting in tune with my body, feelings & emotions, expressing gratitude every day, eating healthy and staying active because it makes me feel good. 


Dr Anita Heiss

Dr Anita Heiss, RUNRONA




Joe Williams

Joe Williams, RunRona, Run Rona, Clothing The Gap

Wiradjuri man, former NRL player and Boxer Joe Williams is training for a RunRona half marathon!! After retiring from his sporting career Joe started his own organisation called The Enemy Within (TEW) and has been bringing awareness and education about Mental Health & Suicide around the country. 

We asked Joe a few questions...

How are you practicing self-care during isolation?

Self care for me is actually just spending time at home, so this whole 'isolation' thing has been a huge positive for me; I get to spend time with my family, finish projects and writing that I've only half finished and put on the back burner - My work is on the road a great deal; so this isolation period, I'm probably doing more than I usually do, for myself.

What are you doing to stay motivated to stay moving?

I've been preparing for the half marathon for RunRona - its been a super positive time. When I don't have a goal, or something to work towards, my physical and mental health tends to decline

How are you staying connected?

I think, like everyone, been on zoom, facetime and online conference calls more than ever. 


Marlee Silva

Marlee Silva, Tiddas4Tiddas, RunRona, Run Rona, Clothing the Gap

Kamilaroi and Dunghutti woman Marlee Silva is the founder of a deadly women's empowering Instagram page and now podcast Tiddas4Tiddas.

We asked Marlee a few questions...

What are you doing to stay motivated and stay moving?⁠

Exercise = endorphins! Knowing I’ll feel better after definitely helps with motivation! Living with people who hold you accountable helps as well! (In another circumstance I’d probably enlist one of my friends to be the motivation coach in our group message 🏃🏽‍♀️).

How are you staying connected? ⁠
⁠So many mob from different walks of life/orgs/movements have been incredibly creative with online challenges and events and I’ve been saying yes to all of them! This helps me feel like I’m still connected to community and gives me heaps more opportunities to yarn with others online - the #RonaRun is something I’m particularly excited for! I’ve never done a running event and I’m so glad to be pushed by this group to challenge myself!⁠


Neil Sabatino

Neil Sabatino

Zenadh Kesaw Mabayg (Torres Strait Islander) man Neil Sabatino smashed his first marathon, the New York City Marathon late last year and has kept up his running ever since. ⁠

We asked Neil a few questions...

How are you staying motivated to stay moving?⁠
⁠Running has been a habit for me so sticking to good habits. Starting something is always hard but it gets easier once you stick to it, plus I love getting out that door and breath some fresh air.⁠

How are you practicing self-care? ⁠
⁠Balancing my daily activities, helping others and giving time to myself.

How are you staying connected?⁠
⁠My family is very important, I found it hard knowing that my freedom to visit my mum and family back home in the Torres Straits so I try use social media to stay connected with my siblings and cousins and also give my family a call and facetime.⁠


 Kirsten Hausia

 Kirsten Hausia



 Kirsten Hausia, Badimaya Yamatji  & African American  women who lives in  Melbourne and this years 2020 This Girl Can Victoria Ambassador.

We asked Kirsten a few questions.

How are you staying motivated to stay moving?⁠
Surprisingly self  care for me right now is getting out and active.  Usually I would sit back and binge watch junk TV  but to keep my mind & body at ease during these unsettling time, I have to get active. 
How are you practicing self-care? ⁠
I have signed up to run my very first 10km  which is going to be a challenge that I am up for.  I am new to this running thing and pretty slow but my motto is slow and steady.  I  run 4 times a week and as well as F45 via Zoom. To make sure I do not loose my motivation, I am lucky to have a group of ladies who I check in with daily all things fitness and  health. Great support and accountability buddies! @5amsisters
How are you staying connected?⁠
 Tons of video chats with family and my close friends. Text messaging and phone calls as well, I have a love hate relationship with technology now.  But I have connected with my friends and family so much more than usual.



Taneshia Atkinson

Taneshia Atkinson, Superwoman, Yorta Yorta


Taneshia Atkinson, Yorta Yorta woman run NY Marathon last November and is training for #RunRona's half marathon in the next coming weeks!!⁠

We asked Taneshia a few questions...

How are you practising self-care right now?⁠

By making sure I exercise every day (even if it’s just a walk), and by making time to practice gratitude and feel the sun on my skin and grass under my feet. I have also been trying to decolonise and connect to culture as much as I can by weaving and learning language. Decolonising is healing! I’m also reminding myself that it’s okay to go slow right now.⁠

 What are you doing to stay motivated to keep moving?⁠

I’m trying to inspire others and bring them along on the journey and that way it keeps me accountable. I can’t encourage mob to keep moving if I’m being slack myself! I also keep thinking about the satisfaction I get at the end of every run and it makes it all worth it. Every run reminds I’m much stronger than I think, and my goal is to get out for a run 4 times a week.⁠

How are you staying connected during Iso?⁠

Social Media yarns! But now is also a really good opportunity to learn to love your own company.⁠



Brigitte Linares


 Brigitte is a proud Gunditjmara woman and mother. Bridget has been playing netball for the Fitzroy Stars FNC for years and is ready to take on a new challenge. 


We asked Brigitte a few questions.

How are you practicing self-care right now?⁠

I am practicing self care with going for daily walks with my little girl and being able to work at home still is a good outlet for me also. And doing extra excercise sessions at home when I can usually once or twice a week. Listening to music is also a big self care for me during these times when we can’t really leave our homes.

 What are you doing to stay motivated to keep moving?⁠

Going for daily walks with my little girl . Doing exercise sessions at home once or twice a week. Trying to keep up motivation when it’s the hardest it has been in a while.

How are you staying connected during Iso?⁠

Staying connected is super hard at the moment. But very lucky to have the technology we have in today’s times. I am face timing a lot with my family and letting community know that I’m here if they need anything and I am able to help



Corey Wanganeen

Corey Wanganeen, Yorta Yorta, Kaurna, Narungga, Kokatha man, Stars player and Dad of 3 is taking part in #RunRona Virtual Run/ Walk as an ambassador and deadly role model.

We asked Corey a few questions.

How are you practicing self-care right now?

Spending time with the family, eating healthy and staying active. I run every second day as preparation for RunRona. I am currently working from home, so making sure I get that home-work balance right is important too.

What are you doing to stay motivated to keep moving?

My family have always stressed the importance of staying fit and active growing up. RunRona has motivated me and kept me accountable to my training. Having the possibility of going back to football is also keeping me motivated. Myself and the other Fitzroy Stars boys have been doing weekly challenges for some friendly competition and motivation. 

 How are you staying connected during iso?

Social media, weekly conferences and private Facebook groups have kept me connected during social iso.