Aboriginal Flag Senate Committee and Inquiry

On the 3rd of September 2020 the Senate agreed to establish a Select Committee on the Aboriginal Flag. During this inquiry submissions were sought from the public and public hearings were live streamed for viewing. 
The Parliament of Australia's website can be difficult to navigate so, we have done our best to make sharing this information as easy possible, you're welcome ;)

Senate Inquiry Report

The Select Committee published their report on the 13th of October 2020 click here to view full report.

Two recommendations were made:

Aboriginal flag Senate inquiry recommendations

 Pubic Hearings

We wanted to share the videos from the public hearings but, the files were too big. If you would like to see the footage from the inquiry, you can request a copy of parliamentary proceedings by contacting the Broadcasting section of the Australian Parliament. This process is actually really simple and we received our videos usually within 24 hours!

Video: Free The Flag Campaigner Michael Connelly from Dreamtime Kullilla Art presentation at the Senate Inquiry alongside Will Carter.  

Video: Free The Flag Campaigners Nova Peris OAM and Peter Francis from FAL Legal  presentation at the Senate Inquiry.

 Senate Blog

Blog: Free The Flag Campaigner Laura Thompson from Clothing The Gaps.


Programs and transcripts from the six days of the Aboriginal Flag Senate Inquiry public hearings. Read what all the speakers and MPs had to say about this issue.



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 14 Sep 2020

 PDF: Public Hearing (14/09/2020) 29564

 PDF: Public Hearing (14/09/2020) 29564

 16 Sep 2020

PDF: Public Hearing (14/09/2020) 29564

 PDF: Public Hearing (14/09/2020) 29564

 22 Sep 2020

 PDF: Public Hearing (14/09/2020) 29564

 PDF: Public Hearing (14/09/2020) 29564

 23 Sep 2020

 PDF: Public Hearing (14/09/2020) 29564

PDF: Public Hearing (14/09/2020) 29564

 24 Sep 2020

 PDF: Public Hearing (14/09/2020) 29564

 PDF: Public Hearing (14/09/2020) 29564

 25 Sep 2020

 PDF: Public Hearing (14/09/2020) 29564

PDF: Public Hearing (14/09/2020) 29564


Links to seventy four submissions to the Aboriginal flag Senate Committee and Senate Inquiry Report.

Submission 1: Carroll & Richardson Flagworld (PDF 216 KB)
Submission 2: WAM Clothing Pty Ltd (PDF 461 KB)
Submission 3: Gifts Mate (PDF 754 KB)
Submission 4: Department of the Prime Minister Cabinet (PDF 167 KB)
Submission 5: Australian National Flag Association (PDF 270 KB) 
Submission 6: Ms Jani McCutcheon (PDF 126 KB)
Submission 7: Diabetes Victoria (PDF 179 KB)
Submission 8: McCulloch & McCulloch (PDF 90 KB)
Submission 9: Thungutti Local Aboriginal Land Council (PDF 186 KB)
Submission 10: Ms Louise Robinson (PDF 29 KB)
Submission 11: Reconciliation Victoria (PDF 144 KB)
Submission 12: Arts Law Centre of Australia (PDF 193 KB)
Submission 13: National Basketball League (PDF 500 KB) 
Submission 14: Dr Mathew Rimmer (PDF 625 KB)
Submission 15: Ms Claire Coleman (PDF 85 KB)
Submission 16: Mindaribba Local Aboriginal Land Council (PDF 3038 KB)
Submission 17: Dr Dimitrios Eliades (PDF 307 KB)
Submission 19: Australian Football League (PDF 1239 KB) 
Submission 20: Gurindji Aboriginal Corporation (PDF 63 KB) 
Submission 21: Australian Lawyers Alliance (PDF 253 KB)
Submission 22: NSW Aboriginal Land Council (PDF 608 KB)
Submission 23: Mr John Burgess (PDF 46 KB)
Submission 24: Professor Peter Yu (PDF 156 KB) 
Submission 25: Reconciliation Australia (PDF 1832 KB)
Submission 26: Reconciliation Tasmania (PDF 237 KB)
Submission 27: Spark Health Australia | Clothing The Gap (PDF 1711 KB)
Submission 28: Cricket Australia (PDF 454 KB)
Submission 29: Legal Aid Queensland (PDF 188 KB)
Submission 30: Australian Copyright Council (PDF 718 KB)
Submission 32: Aunty Rieo Ellis (PDF 45 KB)
Submission 33: FAL Lawyers (PDF 186 KB) 
Submission 34: Dr Fady Aoun (PDF 189 KB)
Submission 35: Shepparton Region Reconciliation Group (PDF 252 KB)
Submission 36: National Association of the Visual Arts (PDF 92 KB)
Submission 37: Bahtabah Local Aboriginal Land Council (PDF 112 KB) 
Submission 38: Copyright Agency (PDF 77 KB)
Submission 39: Lloyd McDermott Rugby Development Team Inc (PDF 155 KB)
Submission 42: National Indigenous Australian Agency (PDF 155 KB)
Submission 43: Mr Michael Connolly (PDF 696 KB) 
Submission 44: Ms Nova Peris (PDF 183 KB)
Submission 45: Dr Anne Fitzgerald and Dr Brian Fitzgerald (PDF 1038 KB)
Submission 46: Central Land Council (PDF 1350 KB) 
Submission 47: Confidential 
Submission 48: Aboriginal Peak Organisations NT (PDF 184 KB)
Submission 49: Copyright Agency (PDF 85)
Submission 50: Miss Renee Tighe (PDF 139 KB)
Submission 52: National NAIDOC Committee (PDF 781 KB)
Submission 53: Dreamtime Art (PDF 160 KB)
Submission 54: Yarn Strong Sista (PDF 131 KB) 
Submission 55: NT SCORP (PDF 1748 KB)
Submission 56: Bar Association of Queensland (PDF 430 KB)
Submission 57: Australia Council (PDF 179 KB)
Submission 58: Mr Darren Williams (PDF 366 KB)
Submission 60: AIME (PDF 66KB)
Submission 61: Aboriginal Legal Services NSW/ACT (PDF 196 KB)
Submission 62: Indigenous Art Code (PDF 255 KB)
Submission 63: Mrs Janice Van der Spek (PDF 146 KB)
Submission 64: Mr Robert Heron (PDF 37 KB)
Submission 65: Mr Russell Logan (PDF 44 KB)
Submission 66: Ms Jenna Smith (PDF 40KB)
Submission 67: Mr Martin Falcongreen (PDF 28 KB)
Submission 68: Mr Haydyn Bromley (PDF 30 KB)
Submission 69: Ms Meg Friel (PDF 38 KB)
Submission 70: Ms Charlotte Burton (PDF 73 KB) 
Submission 71: Confidential
Submission 72: Mr Trevor Walley (PDF 102 KB)
Submission 73: Ms Sharon Gollan (PDF 317 KB)
Submission 74: Mrs Chris Knight (PDF 903 KB)

Additional Information

Document tabled by NIAA at a public hearing in Canberra on 14 September 2020

Document tabled by Amelia Telford at a public hearing in Canberra on 23 September 2020

Document tabled by Mr Peter Francis at a public hearing in Canberra on 24 September 2020

Document tabled by Koori Knockout at a public hearing in Canberra on 24 September 2020

Document tabled by Lloyd McDermott Rugby Development Team Inc at a public hearing in Canberra on 24 September 2020

Additional information provided by Dr Mathieu Gallois on 28 September 2020

Correction to evidence provided by John Reid at the Select Committee into the Aboriginal Flag public hearing on 16 September 2020

Free The Flag Aboriginal Flag copyright