Carla Scotto X Clothing the Gaps
Carla Scotto is an illustrator and designer heavily involved in climate action and environmental art. Carla believes environmental activism cannot work without our First Nations people, as colonisation has only widened the disconnect with the natural world we desperately need to...
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Tees Creating Controversy

Clothing the Gap is more than just a label. It’s a conversation starter.

We want to unite people through fashion and a cause. We believe the clothes you wear and what you buy can make a difference and social impact.

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Monopoly with WAM


WAM Clothing hold the complete MONOPOLY over the Aboriginal flag with their world wide exclusive rights on clothing, physical and digital media and now the flag emoji.

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Fun with Flags

Welcome to Clothing the Gap's 'Fun with Flags'! Here you will find our newest installment in fighting to #FreeTheFlag inspired by the very own 'The Big Bang Theory'. 

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