Shades of Deadly

Shades of Deadly

Shades of Deadly was created in June 2019 to celebrate mob and our  identity.

Being Aboriginal, you feel like you constantly have to prove and justify yourself to non-Aboriginal people if you don't fit the stereotype. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me... "You don't look Aboriginal?"

There are so many stereotypes around what Aboriginal people are 'supposed' to look like, where they're 'supposed' to live and what they're 'supposed' do.

Shades of Deadly sends a message that Aboriginality is about our connection to Community, culture, land and people which shapes us and our identity. Identity is a product of story and journey that shapes our spirit, values and decision making.

Family, Community and self gives us that identity.

We've always been #TooStrongForYouKaren

After the racist video rant on 14 December 2019, by Karen and Rob in Mildura went viral we re-shared our Shades of Deadly campaign to remind ourselves of the positivity and pride in our identity.

So many of you embraced the campaign, reposting photos and stories of mob embracing themselves and their identity using the hashtag #ShadesOfDeadly and tagging us. 

Clothing The Gap Shades of deadly Zoe Muir

We love this one, Zoey Weir shared on Facebook showing five generations of strong Aboriginal women which includes her one hundred and six great grandmother and five year old great great granddaughter. 

Thanks for flooding our newsfeeds with images of proud mob of all ages, all #ShadesOfDeadly!

Racist Video Background 

On the 14th Rob and a woman, Karen walked onto the Wirramanda's property in Mildura.

The Wirramanda residents at the property, two Aboriginal artists, had the flag flying on their car in Mildura, Victoria.

But Rob and the Karen seemed to take issue with the flag being displayed.

The video was filmed by Robby Wirramanda, and later shared on Twitter by a family member and it went viral with #TooStrongForYouKaren.

Shades of Deadly challenges Aboriginal stereotypes and celebrates all mob, all shades of deadly. It’s something we are passionate about and will continue to speak up about. 


Neil Morris: @Drmngnow  Kaydee Kyle-Taylor: @ithinksheafreak

Chris Saunders: @chrise_saunders Taneisha Catullo: @taneishacatullo

Dylan Murphy: @dyl_murphy

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