Carla Scotto X Clothing the Gaps

Carla Scotto X Clothing the Gaps
Carla Scotto is an illustrator and designer heavily involved in climate action and environmental art. Carla believes environmental activism cannot work without our First Nations people, as colonisation has only widened the disconnect with the natural world we desperately need to reconnections with. Carla produces art as an artistic expression of her frustration and anger, and while she is not Indigenous, she uses these pieces as a means of paying the rent and giving back.
Back in 2020, Carla was kind enough to donate her design to us to use exculsively on our tees because we had received a cease and desist legal notice from WAM Clothing for using the Aboriginal flag on our merchandise.  Her 'Always Was, Always Will Be' design was used as an alternative image to the Aboriginal flag in the height of the campaign to #FreeTheFlag from copyright restrictions.
Clothing the Gap X Carla Drawzz
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