Carla Scotto X Clothing the Gap Collab

Carla Scotto X Clothing the Gap Collab
Carla Scotto is an illustrator and designer heavily involved in climate action and environmental art. Carla believes environmental activism cannot work without our First Nations people, as colonisation has only widened the disconnect with the natural world we desperately need to reconnections with. Carla produces art as an artistic expression of her frustration and anger, and while she is not Indigenous, she uses these pieces as a means of paying the rent and giving back.
Carla Drawz
Carla has been kind enough to donate her design to us to use on Clothing and merch which will be put back into Aboriginal Health Promotion Programs ran through our health promotion business, Spark Health Australia.
Carla makes eco-sassy artworks, on the screen and on walls.
Clothing the Gap X Carla Drawzz
It's a struggle to use our flag at the moment, so in the meantime, we are creating and working with other designs to keep the visibility of Aboriginal culture and art alive. Wear our merch with pride, we are profit for purpose. Spark these important conversations and educate the wider community. 
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Buy her cute and powerful stickers on her site:

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