Buy local: Clothing The Gaps is now ECA accredited - now you can buy Australian-Made clothing online or in-store.

Buy local: Clothing The Gaps is now ECA accredited - now you can buy Australian-Made clothing online or in-store.

Buy local: Clothing The Gaps is now ECA accredited - now you can buy Australian-Made clothing online or in-store.

We are so excited to announce our Ethical Clothing Australia Accreditation!

Clothing The Gaps is the first known Aboriginal owned and led business to register and be approved by Ethical Clothing Australia. As an emerging brand, ensuring that we're starting with strong roots in ethical trading is incredibly important to us. We value not only our own staff, but everyone involved in each step of our production process from design to dispatch. 

We’re proud to offer a selection of locally made garments including tees, beanies, socks, scarves, tanks, long sleeves and much more! Now you can rep your Clothing The Gaps meaningful merch and spark important conversations, knowing your piece is also locally made! Each piece featured in our Locally Made collection is also Ally Friendly, which means anyone can wear our merch and support Clothing The Gaps.

Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) is the national accreditation body that works with textiles, clothing and footwear businesses that manufacture locally to ensure their supply chains are fully transparent and legally compliant. In Australia, many workers are not aware of their rights and entitlements, and highly fragmented supply chains can lead to worker exploitation.  

We voluntarily sought out ECA accreditation to ensure that workers at every step in our Australian based supply chain receive fair pay and are in safe working conditions.  

Just because something is 'Made in Australia' doesn't necessarily mean it has been ethically produced or created. ECA accreditation in our supply chain helps to ensure this and we're working on expanding our range that meets accreditation standards, and this is something we’re proud of. When browsing our locally made collection, you'll know it's Australian-made clothing and meets these standards when you see this logo...

It’s important to us to know what goes on behind the scenes in the development and production of our locally made pieces. We’ve gotten to know our local suppliers – check out this video to learn more about the team. Products in the Locally Made collected are knitted, dyed, finished and cut onsite locally. The feedback from these pieces has been overwhelmingly positive – high quality merch with a message that Clothing The Gaps supporters are proud to wear.

We are excited this year to be participating in the upcoming Ethical Clothing Australia Week, which makes its debut in 2020 as the first and only fashion week focused on locally-made ethically-manufactured clothing, textiles and footwear.  

Ethical Clothing Australia Week will run 18 - 24 October and aims to broaden awareness of ethical garment manufacturing to help consumers make informed choices. The week will be marked by a variety of events and activities – both virtual and physical. You can learn more about Ethical Clothing Australia Week at  

Check out some of the Locally Made collection here:

Power Scarf

Power Scarf

Designed and created on Wurrundjeri Country #SupportLocal. The Power tee in the colours of the Aboriginal Flag acknowledges the continuing connection that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have to the land, sea, sky and waterways. This is an incredibly powerful addition to your wardrobe.

Power Tee

Power Tee

Wear your values and buy Australian-made clothing from our 'Locally Made' collection here.


  • Lana Murpy

    I only shop for sustainable clothes! Best decision I ever made

  • Jillian Faulkner

    That’s fantastic news. I strongly support and advocate for ethical standards and good on you all for these fantastic products you make and sell. I’ll recommend your products and business to my friends and contacts

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