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Laura Thompson


Grabbing a real coffee or two! Get prepped for an interview or yarn to share about our work and campaigns. I spend a lot of time working and advocating to #FreeTheFlag. 

I'm also always thinking about what messages, causes and designs we put on our next range of tees to elevate the voices of Aboriginal people and share the stories of our mob.

I work with suppliers to make our our visions a reality and create the products that spark important conversations.  Despite, my day revolving mostly around fashion and cause I'm still a public health person at heart and love our virtual run series that motivates people to move more.

My fave 3 pieces

Aboriginal Flag Beanie

This was one of the first pieces we made before Clothing The Gaps was a thing (see the Spark tag). I loved this beanie, I believed it was cutest on the market. It was also one of the items I sold with the Aboriginal Flag on it that got me a Cease and Desist letter from WAM Clothing for breaching the flag copyright.

Check out our replacement Always Was Beanie

Free The Flag Tee

This is my most worn tee! After being served with a Cease and Desist notice from the non-Indigenous company WAM in June 2019 for using my own flag we started a #PrideNotProfit petition the very same day which over 140000 thousand people have supported. I am still advocating to #FreeTheFlag today.

Wear your values on your tee

OG Crew

Quite simply this crew jumper gives me flash backs of my mum, Rose Dwyer (Brown). She was well respected Gunditjmara woman and Aboriginal Health worker and she worked for the Victorian Aborigianl Health Service for over 25 years. She passed away when I was 26 and unfortunately didn't get to see her grannies. I named my daughter after her, and Rose also works at Clothing The Gaps as a casual. 

Check it out

Things I am proud of...

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