Ethical Clothing Australia - Meet your Local Makers

Ethical Clothing Australia - Meet your Local Makers

We are proud to be the first known Aboriginal business registered and certified by Ethical Clothing Australia.

This ensures the workforce manufacturing our conversation starters on Wurundjeri Country are being paid appropriately, receiving all their legal entitlements and working in safe conditions. 

"Ethical Clothing Australia exists to protect the rights and lives of local Australian garment workers. Garment worker (including homeworker) exploitation is not only a global issue, it does occur on Australian shores." - Ethical Clothing Australia.

We are really proud to have strong working relationships with our local makers.

Check out this video that speaks a thousand words!

We voluntarily sought out ECA accreditation to ensure that workers at every step in our Australian based supply chain receive fair pay and are in safe working conditions - so now you can buy Australian ethical made clothing online or in-store.

Just because something is 'Made in Australia' doesn't necessarily mean it has been ethically produced or created. ECA accreditation in our supply chain helps to ensure this and we're working on expanding our range that meets accreditation standards, and this is something we are proud of.

When browsing our locally made collection, you'll know it meets these standards when you see this logo...

We’re proud to offer a selection of locally made garments including tees, beanies, socks, scarves, tanks, long sleeves and much more! Now you can rep your Clothing The Gaps meaningful merch and spark important conversations, knowing your piece is also locally made! Each piece featured in our Locally Made collection is also Ally Friendly, which means anyone can wear our merch and support Clothing The Gaps.

Here is a peak at some of pieces in the locally made collection

Clothing The Gaps. Power Rugby Tee. Red, black and yellow colorway. Black base tee with thick yellow top and bottom lines and red fill in mid section of jumper with big bold black text with a yellow outline in red section. Reading 'Always was' on front and on back in same text 'Always will be.'

Clothing The Gaps. Power Socks 3 pack. 3 pack red, black and yellow thick cotton socks. Pair 1 Black base sock with 'Always was' on one side of sock and 'Always will be' on other side with red capital text and red and yellow band near top of sock. Pair 2 Red base sock with same text but in yellow and black. With yellow band near top of sock. Pair 3 yellow base sock with same text but in black. With black and red band near top of sock.

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