CTG founders feature in the Sydney Rd Photography Exhibition

CTG founders feature in the Sydney Rd Photography Exhibition

2024 Localise the Love Photography Exhibition 

Sydney Road Brunswick Association

This exhibition intends to collectively communicate the immense diversity of passion, profession, and longevity along the eclectic and worldly retail precinct of Sydney Road Brunswick – with this inaugural pop-up exhibition showcasing 20+ businesses.

Captured by photographers from near and far, the exhibition not only features portraits, but is also supported by snippets of interviews – conducted by the photographers in conversation with the businesses.

Sarah and Laura, the founders at the front of Clothing The Gaps Shop

Photo (L-R) Laura Thompson and Sarah Sheridan at the front of the Clothing The Gaps Flagship store.

Photographer: Maria Palacios @p0llypalaci0s 

In 2020 Clothing The Gaps emerged on Sydney Road as a beacon for social change and community empowerment. Laura Thompson (Gunditjmara) and Sarah Sheridan, the driving force behind this Aboriginal social enterprise and B Corp, radiate an infectious energy that inspires action.

Wearing their values proudly on their sleeve, they spark vital conversations in our community through their innovative designs. Embarking on a community-driven journey to free the Aboriginal flag from its copyright constraints and today, witnessing positive change ripple through the community.

Beyond activism, they foster employment opportunities by being a hub for Indigenous employment and channelling resources towards meaningful initiatives through the Clothing The Gaps Foundation.

Their commitment to ethical practices and community engagement is not just a business model, but a way of life. This portrait captures their passion and dedication, inviting you to join them to honour and respect the rightful custodians of Country, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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