KIDS First Nations Flags Tee
KIDS First Nations Flags Tee
KIDS First Nations Flags Tee
KIDS First Nations Flags Tee
KIDS First Nations Flags Tee
KIDS First Nations Flags Tee
KIDS First Nations Flags Tee
KIDS First Nations Flags Tee
KIDS First Nations Flags Tee

KIDS First Nations Flags Tee

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This tee is an education piece for children. When the education system fails to teach the true history of this country, we are doing what we know best, merch with meaning created to start conversations and educate.

This tee features the Torres Strait Islander flag and the Aboriginal Flag and is an opportunity for children to learn more and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, culture and history.

Torres Strait Islander Flag meaning?

The Torres Strait Islander flag was designed by the late Mr Bernard Namok of Thursday Island. The flag symbolizes the unity and identity of all Torres Strait Islanders.

  • The flag is emblazoned with a white Dhari (head dress) which is a symbol of Torres Strait Islander culture.
  • The white five-pointed star beneath it symbolises peace, the five major island groups and the navigational importance of stars to the seafaring people of the Torres Strait.
  • The green represents the land, the black represents the people, and the blue the sea.

Learn more about the Torres Strait Islander Flag.

Note: Permission has been received from the Torres Strait Islander Regional Council to reproduce the Torres Strait Islander Flag. 

Aboriginal Flag Meaning?

The Aboriginal flag was designed and created by artist Harold Thomas, a Luritja man from central Australia who says the colours of the flag represent the Aboriginal people of Australia and their spiritual connection to the land.

  • The top half of the flag is black to symbolise Aboriginal people.
  • The red in the lower half stands for the earth and the colour of ochre, which has ceremonial significance.
  • The circle of yellow in the centre of the flag represents the sun. 

Learn more about the Aboriginal Flag.

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    This product is Ally Friendly. Ally friendly merch is for everyone. When we see non-Indigenous people wearing our designs, we feel proud that they are repping our merch and culture. When we see Aboriginal designs in the world, it means Indigenous people are not invisible in the landscape. But, purchasing from Aboriginal brands, businesses and wearing Indigenous designs alone is surface-level allyship. There needs to be more commitment than just buying from Aboriginal brands and businesses. Wearing Aboriginal design is not dismantling a system that oppresses Indigenous people. Allies need to do more and learn more. Wearing our tees is a great starting point. We have equipped you with our merch and some of the educational content to go with them. We want you to go out in the world, have these important conversations and find ways to do more and support more.

    - Embroidered flag designs over the chest.
    - Unisex AS Colour tee made from 100% cotton.
    - Small Clothing the Gaps logo screen printed on the back of tee.

    • This tee is a straight fit. Refer to size chart above for measurements.
    • Gender-inclusive. 
    • Sizes from XS-5XL.

    Cold machine wash. Do not bleach. Hang in shade to dry :)

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