Our Impact

As a social-enterprise Clothing The Gaps proudly re-invests in creating social change that promotes equity so that Aboriginal people feel seen and heard. 

We are currently delivering this impact work through four key activities: virtual run/walk events; advocacy and campaigns; school presentations and ‘Merch 4 Mob’.

We can't wait to share more of this with you as we grow.

Thank you for walking alongside us to make all of this possible by getting behind Clothing The Gaps!

Virtual Event Impact

We've motivated over 10,000 people to get active with our virtual events! During our Virtual NAIDOC March|Run event we covered a collective distance of 47,059.1km. That's far enough to go from Melbourne to Perth and back almost 8 times!

Thank you for making this possible!

We've seen the impact a virtual event can make and we're inviting everyone to move, reflect, learn and be part of the Clothing The Gaps active community.

Clothing The Gaps is committed to delivering two virtual events a year as part of our impact work to enable more people to be active and 'Wellah Together' physically, mentally and spiritually. 


We are committed to standing up and using our voices and platforms to create and influence social change that promotes equity. 

Our current campaign and advocacy work is centered around 'Free the Flag', ROLEModels, parkrun Acknowledging Country and 'Shades of Deadly.'

We have been dedicated to the Free the Flag Campaign for over 12 months.

With almost 150,000 signatures on our change.org petition, a Senate Inquiry and hundreds and hundreds of letters written to local MP's, we thank you for coming on this campaign journey with us.

School Engagement

We believe you're never too young to use your voice to create change. We know that we need to see more people passionate about a more equal world and our school workshops are one way of sharing this vision with the younger generation.

Want the Clothing The Gaps team to hang out at your school and share how they create social change? Email impact@clothingthegap.com.au we'd love to hear from you!

Merch 4 Mob

At Clothing The Gaps, we totally understand the importance of merch with a meaning, which is why we created Merch 4 Mob. We know that a great piece of merch can be the thing that helps bring people to an important event, or will sell heaps of raffle tickets for that important cause in your Community.