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About Us

Clothing The Gap is a Victorian Aboriginal owned and led social enterprise. We are a fresh and dynamic fashion label managed by health professionals that celebrates Aboriginal people and culture.

We produce merch with a meaning and encourage people to wear their values on their tee. 

Clothing The Gap is a play on the words "Closing the Gap", which is an Australian Government health initiative to help close the life expectancy gap between Aboriginal people and non-Indigenous Australians. Clothing The Gap unites non-Indigenous and Aboriginal people through fashion and causes, one of which is to help Close the Gap.

Clothing The Gap is proud to be registered as a Victorian Aboriginal business with Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Victoria and  Supply Nation. We hold an Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation and we are currently undergoing a registration process with Social Traders

Our Why

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Our Values

At Clothing The Gap we value elevating, educating, advocating and motivating people for positive social change.

We put these values in to action by creating platforms and spaces to: 

Elevate, represent and promote Aboriginal voices and excellence to further enable Aboriginal people to celebrate their identity and visibility in the world.

Educate and start conversations with the wider Australian population about causes or issues affecting Aboriginal Australia. To promote reconciliation and welcome non-Indigenous people to learn about, celebrate and support Aboriginal Australia. 

Motivate people and activate Aboriginal Communities to make positive lifestyle choices and be healthier in their mind, body and spiritTo motivate people to take action and use their own voice for social change.

Advocate and campaign for social change on issues impacting on Aboriginal people and their Communities.

It's more than a tee,
it's a conversation starter

Our Impact

We are proud that 100% of profit at Clothing The Gap is used to pursue our 'why' of creating social change that promotes equity and adds years to Aboriginal people's lives. 

We are currently delivering this impact through four key activities:

1.  Merch 4 Mob

2.  School Engagement

3.  Walk /Run events  

4.  Advocacy and campaigns.

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An invitation...

Non-Indigenous people, we invite and encourage you to be a part of this vision - you’re an important part of the picture.  We produce merch with a meaning and encourage people to wear their values on their tee.  The contribution of non-Indigenous people in supporting Clothing The Gap and our events allows us to self-determine, lead and deliver our impact.

When non-Indigenous people purchase Aboriginal designed fashion from an Aboriginal owned business, Aboriginal people feel heard and supported.

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