FAQ for virutal runs

Q. Do you have a discount code for mob (people of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander descent)?  

A. We sure do! 

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people completing this event please use the registration code: WELLAHTOGETHER at checkout for 50% off your registration fee. We’ve got your back, take care of your physical, mental and spiritual health.

The team at ‘Clothing The Gaps’ ultimately are working towards to closing the life expectancy gap between Indigenous people and non-Indigenous Australians and increasing the participation of Indigenous families and Communities in events such as this, is one way we can help increase physical activity and reduce the risk factors for chronic disease. 

Allies and supporters, we trust you. We know that this code will be used by the Indigenous Community to ensure equitable access to virtual run/walk events.  We trust that those that can will pay for their entry and will respect the code not misuse it.  Just like we’re trusting that you’ll do your run or walk when you say you will 😊.

Q. Wait, what’s a virtual run?

A. A virtual run or walk is an event that can be completed from absolutely any location you choose, indoors or outdoors! You can run or walk at your own pace whenever you choose on the event date/s.

Q. So how do I log or track my run or walk?

A. Sign up for a free Strava (strava.com) account and join the Clothing The Gaps Run Club (www.strava.com/clubs/CTGactive) to share your training with us and each other. Once on the Clothing The Gaps Run Club, join the ‘Event’ you have registered for and track your run/walk on the day. Yay! But logging or tracking your run/walk is not compulsory. We're operating on good old trust here. We believe you'll go get it done!