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NAIDOC virtual MARCH | Run Event 

Fri 10 - Sun 12 July 

NAIDOC Week postponed! Devastated? .... us too!

Race day still postponed? Really missing your closed gym?

Ready to get some routine back and take control of your NAIDOC Week?

After the success of RunRona and the devastation of hearing that NAIDOC Week had been cancelled due to COVID-19, we have launched our second virtual run event. This event combines our two favourite things: health and culture! 

The NAIDOC Virtual MARCH | Run event is taking place during NAIDOC week, which nationally would have been held between 5-12 July, 2020. A highlight of every NAIDOC is the MARCH and we are recreating this historic event virtually from Friday 10 July - Sun 12 July.  We have included Friday as part of the event as the NAIDOC MARCH is usually held on a Friday. 

Each year, a theme is chosen to reflect important issues and events for NAIDOC Week. This years NAIDOC theme is Always Was, Always Will Be. 

You can learn more about the history of NAIDOC here.


With absolutely everything up in the air right now, finding ways to still celebrate NAIDOC whilst having a goal to keep us focused and active has never been so important. Let’s control the controllable and continue or start to kick our health and well-being goals. Looking after our physical, emotional and spiritual health right now it is a huge protective factor in staying well.  

Sign up for the NAIDOC MARCH | Run and let’s celebrate NAIDOC a little differently this July.

For our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community, please use the code: WELLAHTOGETHER at checkout to access the Community registration fee. Allies and supporters, we trust that you will respect this code. 

Fundraising from the NAIDOC MARCH | Run will subsidise entry for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in this event and support the health promotion work of Spark Health Australia to continue to share free access to health and well-being activities for Aboriginal Communities.  


Always Was, Always Will Be. 


Pick your distance


Get active on event weekend, wherever you like!

Complete your MARCH or run whenever it suits you on either Fri 10, Sat 11 or Sun 12 July anywhere you like! 
The NAIDOC MARCH |Run is completely virtual! This means you can run any time, any where on event weekend…anywhere around the world!

Get Rewarded


The 3km NAIDOC MARCH is an event for families to walk in pride in their red, black and yellow merch locally! To commemorate NAIDOC and how COVID-19 has impacted on our 2020 NAIDOC Week, we have created a limited edtion patch! This patch will signify the time we did our NAIDOC MARCH in solidarity yet VIRTUALLY!

Image: NAIDOC MARCH | Run Patch 8cm x 8cm for all entries. 

For those who want to combine NAIDOC Week with your health goals we also have a 5KM MARCH | Run, 10KM MARCH | Run, 21.1 KM Run and 42.2 KM Run. When you complete these events....lookout, you get a new medal +  patch which will be posted to you after the event.

The NAIDOC MARCH | Run medal has been designed by Gunditjmara artist, Laura Thompson. Actual pics of the medals coming soon, but for now check this out...

NAIDOC March Virtual run Clothing The Gap


The organising team behind this event is made up of a collective of Aboriginal Health Promotion practitioners, Personal Trainers and communication gurus from Clothing The Gaps and Spark Health Australia. The team are seriously concerned about how the Community will feel without NAIDOC events to look forward to in July  combined with the rising levels of inactivity, obesity and mental ill health in our communities. We also know the difference social connection, physical activity and a positive routine can make in tough times.

With the COVID-19 situation unfolding rapidly in Australia, we are abiding by the advice from relevant health authorities and staying up to date with the latest information. The health and safety of our participants will always remain our highest priority. You can stay informed with COVID-19 national updates by clicking here.

The Clothing The Gaps team echo the concerns from health promotion peak bodies such as VicHealth for the rising inactivity levels gripping the country. We too are deeply concerned about the effects this physical inactivity will have on our communities long term while many seem to be bunkering down on the couch with Netflix amidst COVID-19.  Hear more on how exercise can help during COVID-19 from VicHealth CEO, Sandro Demaio. Don't get us wrong, staying at home is important right now, but so is staying physically active. 

Social distancing is actually physical distancing; it does not mean 'social' isolation. The Clothing The Gaps team refer to 'social distancing' as 'physical distancing', as we're aiming to stay as socially connected as possible.

Throughout the current situation, looking after our mental health is really important as it can be left more vulnerable than usual. Keeping up our cultural and social support helps to boost mental health and is also connected to our physical health. Getting some time outdoors safely and connecting to the land, and marching or running on Country, does wonders for our well-being too. Body, mind, spirit and’s all connected, Aboriginal people have known this for tens of thousands of years.



Run Safe

Aim for less crowded spaces, less busy times of the day, keep your distance and stay local to your home. As soon as you return home, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds.

Run Well

If you’re well and haven't been asked to self-isolate enjoy training safely. However, if you are not feeling well, stay inside and refer to medical advice.

Run Relaxed

You’ll need to be flexible and adaptable whilst training in these times - you may need to slow right down, or even stop, to pass other people safely.

Run ‘Together

Share your training journey by joining our Strava Run Club, using #NAIDOCMARCHRUN and tagging @ClothingTheGap so we can cheer you on.

Register Smart

Pick the event distance that feels right and manageable for you.

Run Fresh

Check out the Clothing The Gaps active wear range to level up your training kit and get you motivated to get out that door and feel fresh while you do it!



Q. Why are you doing this?

A. Great question! As Aboriginal Health Promotion Practitioners running a fashion label, we work on a grass roots level to encourage positive health and well-being, including getting connected and staying active.

We loved seeing people achieve their daily recommended 60 minutes of activity for kids and 30 minutes for adults during the COVID-19 pandemic whist participating in the RunRona event and we wanted to created another challenge and fancy medal! 

The NAIDOC MARCH | Run is giving us a NAIDOC activity to take part in July in whilst, providing something to train for when everything else is cancelled and closed. We know how special and important the NAIDOC MARCH is and we know the power of having a goal to keep us on track! So we combined our favourite things: NAIDOC Week and getting active!

Ultimately, we are passionate about equity and health equity in Australia is one of the most inequitable in the world. COVID-19 has its challenges for all individuals, but those that face the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community are significantly greater. Fundraising from the NAIDOC MARCH | Run will subsidise entry for Indigenous people in this event and support the health promotion work of Spark Health Australia to continue to share free access to health and well-being activities for Aboriginal Communities.  

Q. What do the profits from the run go to?

A.  100% profits from NAIDOC MARCH | Run proudly support grass roots Aboriginal health promotion programs and activities run by Spark Health and subsidise entries for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in this event. You can see the work Spark Health does here: 

Q. Do you have a discount code for mob (people of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander descent)?  

A. We sure do! 

For Indigenous people doing this run/walk please use the registration code: WELLAHTOGETHER to access the Indigenous Community registration fees.

The team at ‘Clothing The Gaps’ are ultimately working towards to closing the life expectancy gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-Indigenous Australians. One way we can do this is by, increasing the  participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, families and Communities in events such as this because we know increasing levels of physical activity can help reduce people dying earlier from chronic disease.

Allies and supporters, we trust you. We know that this code will be used by the Indigenous Community to ensure equitable access to NAIDOC MARCH | Run.  We trust that those that can, will pay for their entry and will respect the code not misuse it. Just like we’re trusting that you’ll do your run or walk, when you say you will 😊. 

Q. So how do I log or track my run or walk?

A. Sign up for a free Strava ( account and join the Clothing The Gaps Run Club ( to share your training with us and each other. Once on the Clothing The Gap Run Club, join the ‘Event’ you have registered for and track your run/walk on the day. Yay! But logging or tracking your run/walk is not compulsory. We're operating on good old trust here. We believe you'll go get it done


More FAQs coming soon!


Ready to register?

Please ensure that you have read the event Terms and Conditions prior to registering.