Training Tips during COVID-19
Here are our top tips for tackling your training in these strange times! The most important thing here is to always know the current guidelines and restrictions relevant to where you live. Check in on the current COVID-19 news and advice...
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Blak Friday celebrating Blakmas

Love Clothing the Gap?! Then we reckon you'll love these Blak brands too!!

Let us lighten your Christmas load and fill your spirit with deadly blak pressies.

You're welcome <3

Clothing the Gap to celebrate is giving away Free Postage for the next 48 Hours


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Carla Scotto X Clothing the Gap Collab
Carla Scotto is an illustrator and designer heavily involved in climate action and environmental art. Carla believes environmental activism cannot work without our First Nations people, as colonisation has only widened the disconnect with the natural world we desperately need to...
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