Tote Bags + Accessories to Spark Important Conversations

Tote Bags + Accessories to Spark Important Conversations

At Clothing The Gaps we design and produce garments with purpose in mind. We produce merch with meaning and encourage people to wear their values on their tee. We exist to influence and unite people through fashion and causes so that Aboriginal people and Communities can thrive.

Since inception we’ve made tees, jumpers, caps, tote bags, blankets, drink bottles, socks, coffee cups and more – each item with Ally Friendly or Mob Only – but each designed to spark important conversations and raise awareness.

Our products not only look good but, when you #BuyBlak you are supporting Aboriginal people and businesses and letting the world know that you support and care about First Nations people.

Choosing your accessory:

Clothing The Gaps accessories are designed to fit into your daily life – a tote bag to the grocery store, a cap on sunny days, a scarf on cold mornings or socks on your morning run. Each time you wear your Clothing The Gaps piece, you’re wearing your values and helping to share our message.

Shop our totes:

Totes are a daily essential, and ours are complete with important reminders. Take our Resistance Tote for example – Ally Friendly and made from 100% Cotton, it’s more than just a tote:

Protest signs are a powerful and important way for people to express their feelings. ‘Always Was, Always Will Be’ is a statement of resilience, survival, deep connection, and celebration. You will hear “Always Was, Always Will Be” chanted at marches and protests of First Nations people and seen on tees and signs across the country. It’s a reminder that sovereignty was never ceded, and it always was and always will be Aboriginal land. Carry your values 🖤💛❤️

Find the right tote for you – we have our Free The Flag Tote, Aboriginal Land Tote and more. If you were wondering how to choose a bag, check out our full collection and see what suits you most for sparking your next important conversation.

Shop our Aboriginal-Designed Blankets and Towels:

The Gathering Blanket was designed with love by Gunditjara artist, Laura Thompson. Perfect for your little (or the biggest) mob. A multifunctional blanket that can be your ultimate fam beach towel, picnic rug or cosy throw on a chilly nigaht. Sharing is caring.

This beautiful blanket is engineered from our premium LiteAs Microfibre fabric, which is sand resistant, super-absorbent, compact and quick dry. It is also reversible, featuring two designs; one that is inspired by traditional possum skin cloaks and the other which celebrates Aboriginal language groups. See more here.

Shop our caps, hats and beanies:

Our caps, hats and beanies are some of our absolute best sellers through every season (hot or cold!), all designed on Wurundjeri Country with purpose and impact front of mind.

Heading into warmer months, keep our Free The Flag Bucket Hat handy in your tote at all times. There’s also our Heal Country Cap that calls for all of us to continue to seek greater protections for our lands, our waters, our sacred sites and our cultural heritage from exploitation, desecration and destruction.

Keep your ears warm and your pride loud with our Power Beanie, featuring the Always Was, Always Will Be slogan and the Clothing The Gaps logo embroidered front and centre. 

Sip for social change with our coffee cups and water bottles:

Shop our new Caring for Country reusable cup, designed with love by Gunditjara artist, Laura Thompson. Our new cups have a khaki base with a fluro yellow lid for some fun, not to mention an unbreakable base thanks to premium-grade stainless steel.

If you’re looking for your next water bottle upgrade, our frank green reusable bottles are the answer, and a best seller! Pieces from this collection pay homages to NAIDOC Week’s 2020 theme; ‘Always Was, Always Will Be’. This theme is more important now than ever before, as the world is increasingly aware of the human impact on the environment.

If you were wondering how to select accessories, caps, tees or jumpers – visit us in-store to try on the piece you’ve been eyeing off or shop our conversation starters online now.

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