Thorpe Vs The Commonwealth

Thorpe Vs The Commonwealth

Since the 1990’s Uncle Robbie Thorpe has been taking legal action against the Commonwealth of Australia for acts of Genocide against Aboriginal people (See Thorpe v The Commonwealth from 1997).

This most recent case is against King Charles III for Genocide and Ecocide

 This case is being pursued by Uncle Robbie Thorpe, along with Aunty Alma Thorpe and Aunty Marj and seeks that the King be summonsed to Australia to answer for the acts of genocide and sign a confession document acknowledging these acts and right the wrongs of the past and present day.

Where can I find out more?

This non-exhaustive list is a good place to start:

Listen to Uncle Robbie’s show on 3CR Radio ‘Bunjil’s Fire’, Wednesdays 11am – 1pm, for updates on the Case and his analysis of Aboriginal affairs.

Crime Scene Australia has documented each legal proceeding undertaken to seek justice. Make a cuppa and start following through the links.

Listen to this Podcast episode in the series of ‘Truth Telling’ with Lidia Thorpe: Genocide and the Law, with Robbie Thorpe and Len Lindon (Amazon Music) 

Support the First Peoples’ Assembly and learn about their work towards Treaty making in Victoria.

Ready this interview with Uncle Robbie and Len and Sydney Criminal Lawyers ‘Prosecuting Australian Genocide’

Spend time hearing from the Yoorrook Justice Commission Submissions and Hearings – they are a powerful record of truth telling in Victoria.

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