What happened when I wore my values on Jan 26?

 Collection of stories...

“My mum told me to be careful as I left for work this morning wearing my CTG ‘always was always will be’ tee. She tells me to be careful while she still celebrates Invasion day, as if she is conscious of the hateful ideals and personalities of people who still celebrate while also deciding to join them. Warning me about those that she allies with…so very unnerving”. (Non-Indigenous, non-binary, larger regional town, NSW).

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Jan 26, what's it all about?
Change The Date’, ‘Abolish The Date’, ‘Boycott The Date’, ‘Redefine The Date’ and ‘Business As Usual’ are some of the conversations we’re hearing in Community in response to the Jan 26 ‘Australia Day’ public holiday.
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Working Australia Day? Not Just Another Day In The Office
What you do on Jan 26 matters to First Nations people. 

If you've got a choice to go to work - Invasion day is not just another day in the office. Make sure you are centring First Nations people and voices and not just going about your business as usual. Recognise your privilege and the fact, that Jan 26 is painful day for First Nations people and marks the beginning of the dispossession of land, violence, massacres and genocide for First Nations People. 

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