Tees Creating Controversy

Tees Creating Controversy

In April this year, Clothing The Gap were proud GOLD sponsors of our favourite girl group, The Merindas at their Album Fundraiser at Northcote Social Club.

The Merindas

Photo: Kristel Kickett and Candice Lorrae (The Merindas)

Sianna Catullo (Chief Creative Officer) speech on the night was also GOLD. 

In the months that have followed since this event, we have reflected on Siannas's words and how we them into action with the Free The Flag movement. Our tees really have been a conversation starter and we have united people through fashion and a cause.

Our mission is for our programs to be self- funded through our sales of our merchandise.

This is what self-determination looks like.

We are profit for purpose.

We are paving our own pathways using business as our vehicle.

Clothing the Gap is more than just a label.

It’s a conversation starter.

We want to unite people through fashion and a cause.

We believe the clothes you wear and what you buy can make a difference and social impact.

 So lets shake things up!

Celebrate Aboriginal culture and wear your values on your tee.

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