NAIDOC 2024 - Keep the Fire Burning, Blak Loud & Proud!

Blak Loud Proud Keep The Fire Burning NAIDOC
Last year, Clothing The Gaps made the decision to release every NAIDOC theme and collection with our Elders.

In light of a failed referendum for a First Nations Voice to parliament, the significance of the NAIDOC theme 'Keep The Fire Burning! Blak, Loud and Proud' is deeply felt and we shared some some lovely and hilarious moments creating this campaign with the Elders:

Aunty Carolyn Briggs (Boon Wurrung & Wemba Wemba)
Aunty Donna Wright (Gunditjmara)
Uncle Herb Patten (Gunai-Kurnai)
Aunty Jacqui Stewart (Taungurung)
Aunty Judy Dalton-Walsh (Wadawurrung & Gunditjmara)
Uncle Mark Rose (Gunditjmara)
Uncle Ralph White (Kija & Bardi)
Uncle Stephen Walsh (Taungurung & Gunai)
We have created both an Ally Friendly 'Keep The Fire Burning' and a Mob Only 'Blak, Loud & Proud' NAIDOC merch range.
Blak, Loud & Proud (Mob Only Range)
"Blak, Loud and Proud encapsulates the unapologetic celebration of Indigenous identity, empowering us to stand tall in our heritage and assert our place in the modern world." (NAIDOC Committee, 2024)⁠

The Blak, Loud and Proud range within the NAIDOC collection is Mob Only and celebrates our Blakness without holding back. We are 65,000 years strong!⁠

Keep the Fire Burning (Ally Friendly Range)

This Ally Friendly NAIDOC range is a reminder of enduring strength and resistance of Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Communities but, also of the role of all people to Keep The First Burning and the momentum going.

“As we honour this flame, we kindle the sparks of pride and unity, igniting a renewed commitment to acknowledging, preserving, and sharing the cultural heritage that enriches our nation.” (NAIDOC Committee, 2024) 

Can I wear that?

Mob only and Ally friendly logos

Just as as a reminder, every piece we create is tagged as being either ‘Ally Friendly’ or ‘Mob Only’. 

We use these tags as symbols to help you navigate your purchase so that you can be confident what you’re wearing is appropriate for you.Within the 2024 NAIDOC Collection, you will see that some of these pieces are 'Mob Only'. 

Click here to learn more about why we created a 'Mob Only' range.

Mob - we'd love to hear what the NAIDOC theme means to you! Share your reflections in the comments below.

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