Let's yarn about MOB ONLY

Let's yarn about MOB ONLY

New 'Mob Only' drop

We are about to release... our FIRST 'Mob Only' piece of merch 'Shades of Deadly'. We are so excited!

But before we do, let's talk about 'Mob Only',

Mob in our heart and everyone in mind

We make merch with mob in our heart and everyone in mind.

We love seeing Aboriginal design in the world  and people celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture through fashion.

Fashion is one way you can show your support for First Nation people and causes.

When you wear Aboriginal merch, made by Aboriginal people you are acknowledging Australia's true history and embracing 65,000+ years of culture.

As Aboriginal people, when we see Aboriginal design we feel seen and heard!

What is ‘Mob Only’?

At Clothing The Gaps we create some merch that is just for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people - we label these as 'Mob Only'.

'Mob Only' pieces are created specifically & exclusively for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, for a number of reasons.

When we create these pieces, we will clearly state this in description with a 'Mob Only' symbol.

Why is this important?

We are decolonising our platform and wardrobes through 'Mob Only' pieces.

It's important to us as an Aboriginal owned and led brand that we create a space that is just for mob.

Somethings really are just for mob to connect with. Our first 'Mob Only' piece is about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identity.

These conversations are grown from and in our Communities. They directly impact and relate to our people.

It's deeply personal.

Shades of Deadly

'Shades of Deadly' - Challenging stereotypes. Celebrating identities.

This campaign was created to challenge stereotypes of First Nation people, create a platform for culture and a safe space for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to embrace their identities.

It's an opportunity to educate the wider community about the diversity of First Nations people and experiences in Australia.

 It's not about judging each other by colour, or appearance.

It's about our connection to Community, culture, land and people which shapes us and our identity.

Identity is a product of stories and journies that shape our spirit, values and decision making.

Our roots, family, Community and self gives us that identity.


For our allies

For non-Indigenous people, these pieces are not for you* - check for Ally friendly symbols.

*if reverse racism just popped in your head - then start googling.

You can read more 'Ally friendly' clothing at Clothing on our blog "Can I wear this? Making it easier for you and us?"


  • Lorna Grear

    Totally cool.. I’m an Ally and love your Ally Friendly and Mob Only range idea… 🔥🔥🔥

  • Mands

    I totally love this idea and the action I can take as a result. So….my intention is to purchase some gifts to take to Alice in less than 2 weeks! I’m so excited cos I’m going to stay w my Sis who is half Indigenous and meet her brother who runs an Artist Group 10 mins out of Alice. I’m going to see which Artists I can work with here in Melbourne and my hope is to support them by on-selling their work without having to pay Melb galleries the 40% commission they charge and avoid the demanding exclusivity they request which is ridiculous. My Sissy and her brother pay their mob daily which is what I understand they need. Oh my…so many questions….. really hoping for answers……on this trip. For today, I can purchase if it’s appropriate. Leave it with you guys….🙏😘🐼

  • Cathie

    Personally I really appreciate the clarity of having “Mob Only” and “Ally Friendly”. While my feelings are not, and should not be, at the centre of creating these distinctions, as a non-Indigenous ally i really want to support Indig art & artists and celebrate our rich history but I definitely don’t want to cross any lines and accidentally appropriate. In the past that might’ve meant sometimes holding back from buying & wearing, but you guys having these clear boundaries makes it possible to do the right thing without awkwardly asking “Is this ok?”. So thank you.
    Awkward white ally.

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