Free the Flag Fundraiser

Free the Flag Fundraiser
Section 8 and Clothing the Gap are coming together to put on a 'Free the Flag' event

The Aboriginal flag is a symbol that has united all the Aboriginal nations. The flag represented the struggle and resistance movement, now it feels like a struggle to use it.

We are turning ‘Our Flag’ upside down signalling that we are distress and to create awareness and urgency around this issue.

See. Sign. Share:

Did you know that the Aboriginal Flag is copyrighted?

Currently, WAM Clothing holds an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with the Flag's copyright owner, Harold Thomas, to reproduce the Flag on clothing.

This is not a question of who owns the copyright of the Flag. This is a question of control.

WAM Clothing, a non-indigenous business, hold the monopoly in a market to profit off Aboriginal peoples' Identity and love for 'their' flag!!

At first, we didn't like the control of the market by a non-indigenous business and we wanted new viable channels for new licensing agreements, especially those for Aboriginal organisations and businesses.

But, now we just want to free the [-0-] flag. We want the Aboriginal flag to be treated like every other recognised national flag in the world.
- We want to celebrate the Aboriginal flag without permission.
- See more black flags in the world
- Let the consumer have freedom of choice of whom they purchase their flag products. and to
- not pay 💰 more for all our [-0-] merchandise.

Unite with us to see the Aboriginal Flag celebrated, shared and worn for #PrideNotProfit as we lobby government and relevant bodies for action.

We are trying to raise as much awareness and support as possible. We currently have over 39,000 signatures and supporters. We want to keep the campaign rolling until we see change.

Funds raised from this event will be put towards promotional and marketing materials to support the campaign and maintain the momentum.

Let's be Proud and Loud!!
We need your voices to push for a change!!


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