Demand action from your local MP - put pen to paper or email for change!

Demand action from your local MP - put pen to paper or email for change!

Thanks for seeing, signing and sharing our Pride Not Profit petition. We have had nearly 150,000 signatures in support of the campaign but we need to maintain pressure on the government and we need your help!

Do you have two minutes? 

If you do, we would love you to download our template letter to send your Local Member of Parliament (MP) to urge them to take action to Free the Flag! Add your voice to the movement, together we can make this happen!

Copy and paste our MP Letter template below, make your edits to add your flavour and send it in an email to your local MP. Their job is to represent you on matters you care about. Don't forget to change the subject line to make it unique so it doesn't get filtered out.  

Who is your local MP and what's their email address? Great question! Find your local MP and their contact details here.

When you send your email, copy us and Minster for Aboriginal Affairs, Ken Wyatt, into the email ( and We want see which MP's you have helped us reach. 

Here we go...


MP Letter Template

Wherever you see the orange text, this is the piece that we need you to edit or delete before sending.

To: Your local MP's email address


Email Subject: Be creative here, don’t let them set a filter and ignore you!

Email Text:




I write to seek your support for the Free the Flag Campaign.

Free the Flag is campaigning to:

  • Free the Aboriginal Flag from its current licensing agreements
  • See the Aboriginal flag be treated like every other proclaimed national flag in the world with a free public license.
  • Enable the celebration of the Aboriginal flag without asking for permission or paying to do so.
  • Enable the consumer to have freedom of choice from whom they purchase flag products.

Recently, all 18 AFL Football Clubs united to stand alongside the campaign during the league’s Indigenous Round and the awareness of the Free the Flag movement continues to grow.  

I implore you to join with me and over 140,000 other petitioners ( to urge the Government to resolve this issue. The inaction on this matter cannot continue.

This is an issue of importance to not only myself as a constituent of your electorate, but a vast number Australians. The Aboriginal Flag is an iconic symbol of national significance to Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.


Kind regards,




That's it! Easy as that :) Every MP letter really does make a difference! 

Linda Burney Free The Flag Movement Clothing The Gap

Photo: Sarah Sheridan, MP Linda Burney and Laura Thompson Meeting on 11th September at Parliament House. 

Labor’s Linda Burney has been a supporter of the #FreeTheFlag movement and is demanding the federal government take steps to sort out what she has described as a “secret agreement” that controls the use of the Aboriginal flag in public, because it is now unclear whether her own tattoo of the flag is a breach of copyright.

“This situation is untenable,” Burney said. “It’s unthinkable that the use of the Aboriginal flag is now governed by a secret agreement at the discretion of a for-profit company.

“It is a discredit to the flag’s history and the strength it represents.”

Read more:  Allam, L. (2019, 10 Sept). Linda Burney demands government sort out Aboriginal flag 'secret agreement' from the Australian: 





  • Nicholas Smith

    Just wanted to let you know I’ve sent a copy of the email to Don Farrell using a contact form, so I couldn’t CC you in. Please keep up your amazing work towards equality!

  • Emma Koskovic

    Have emailed Senator Peter Whish-Wilson and Bridget Archer MP here in Tasmania.

  • Melanie Caron

    signed the petition and emailed Michael Sukkar on

  • Dan Hornery

    Hi Team – I’ve just submitted your letter, and noticed a minor tweak is required. You now have over 75000 signatures, and the template lists 50000. Strength in numbers. Love your work.

  • Mel Nisbet

    Just wanted to let you know I’ve sent a message to Michael Sukkar via his contact form, as he doesn’t have an email address published, so couldn’t CC you in. I really hope change on this happens soon!

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