Can I call you that by Taneshia Atkinson

Can I call you that by Taneshia Atkinson

A non-exhaustive intro guide for allies to appropriately and respectively refer to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. ⁣

Disclaimer: we do not speak on behalf of all mob and encourage you to do your own research, have conversations and learn. ⁣

By the deadly sis @tan3shia ⁣

#CanICallYouThat #Resources


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  • Jillian Faulkner

    Thank you for this information. I really appreciate it. If any of my post any inappropriate words in them, I do apologise and take them back. There was definitely no harm intended. I now know what words are ok and which ones aren’t. You Mob are doing an amazing job educating we allies on your culture and customs. My father and I welcomed our 1st Islamic visitor into our home yesterday we were quite excited about this. I was able to learn more about Islamic culture

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