Can a tee make impact?

Can a tee make impact?

Conversation starters come in different shapes and sizes - at Clothing The Gaps we’ve got something for everyone, and we call it merch with meaning.

We have Aboriginal designed tshirts, accessories and jumpers to help spark your next important conversation. Your next gift for a loved one might be our Always Was Cushions or our Free(d) The Flag tee is a wardrobe essential and guaranteed to spark integral conversations within friendship circles, families and beyond. 


As an Aboriginal-owned and led label based in Narrm, at Clothing The Gaps we pride ourselves on wearing your values on your tee - it’s more than a tee to us, it’s a conversation starter - our garments are produced and worn to create meaningful change in the community. 

Our Free The Flag campaign (which we can now call Free(d) the Flag!) is a strong reminder that fashion and advocacy can drive social change and impact nationwide. The Free The Flag tees are examples of Aboriginal designed tshirts and conversation starters made by Aboriginal people that created a genuine movement over time - an iconic design that quickly became recognised across the country, with everyone from musicians to AFL players donning the tee and campaigning to free the Aboriginal flag from copyright, for everyone to use - which actually happened in January!

So - it’s fair to say it’s been a big few months for us at Clothing The Gaps and Clothing The Gaps Foundation! This month, we’re celebrating a whole year of the Foundation - if you don’t know much about the Foundation, here’s the gist;

As a social enterprise, we are profit-for-purpose, which means we use business as a vehicle to self-determine our future through profit, efforts and resources supporting and helping to fund the impactful work of the Clothing The Gaps Foundation. So - if you’re asking yourself if an Aboriginal tshirt can create impact? It absolutely can, see this video explainer for more on why. 

Put simply, when you buy a tee from Clothing The Gaps (or anything for that matter) you’re enabling us to run health programs led by trained practitioners, designed to add years to Aboriginal people’s lives through physical activity. Not only are you helping create change through empowering conversations, but you’re contributing to programs with the health and well-being of Communities front of mind.

In addition, by buying and wearing our merch, you’re supporting our mission to be a preferred employer for Aboriginal and Torres Strait people, actively supporting them to grow and pursue their life goals and ambitions. In the 2020-2021 financial year, we created over 9,000 hours of employment for mob - we can’t wait to see this number grow and more job opportunities created!

So yes - a tee can really make a difference and create a long-lasting impact. We love seeing our designs worn on the streets, seen on TV and worn proudly by allies and mob across the country (and globe!). Next time you look for a little retail therapy, consider the ‘why’ behind the piece or the business you might be supporting. Your purchase can absolutely go a long way in supporting the lives of others - which is huge!

Shop our full collection here to show your support.

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  • Zara Soomro

    Hi this is your nieces friends and that niece of your is Illuka she’s a freind that will never leave you but just wanna say I love your work! The designs are so inspirational and of course… ALWAYS WILL AND ALWAYS WILL BE!!

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